1979 Death Of Equities Business Week Cover

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Looking at these bold headline predictions from the past helps you see why. "The Death of Equities" adorned the cover of Business Week’s Aug. 13, 1979 edition – and the headline could hardly have been more wrong. The Dow shot up.

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So are the dangers of pessimism — witness one of the most famous negative prognostications of all time, the August.

2. The Death of Equities: How Inflation is Destroying the Stock Market A famous cover story run by Business Week magazine in August 1979, after the United States had struggled with about a decade of high inflation, low growth and.

I’m feeling testy today. I just finished an article in Money Magazine and reading this magazine is, in and of itself, enough to make me testy.

(Dow 13,000)” was published May 1, 2000, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDEXDJX:.DJI. the past helps you see why. “The Death of Equities” adorned the cover of Business Week’s Aug. 13, 1979 edition – and the headline.

The home of independent analysis of CNBC TV and other business media, dedicated to the highest standards of journalism

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one that was given last rites by the classic BusinessWeek cover a couple years later. the very bottom of the market. "The Death of Equities." It was hard not to recall these things as I saw many of my old friends at the party, many of.

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The Economist disapproved. between 1968 and 1982 the Dow lost three-quarters of its value in real terms; in August 1979 Business Week asked on its cover whether equities were dead. Since then, however, with the notable.

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The classic example is the famous 1979 Businessweek cover story “The Death of Equities,” which came out less than three years before a massive bull market began. After 10 years of stagnation, the Dow tripled between 1982 and 1987.

If past is prologue, the media tends to do a fantastic job at marking turning points – all the way back to Barrons’ infamous cover story “The Death of Equities” in 1979. Contrarians should take note, as the S&P has drifted even higher since.

Consider the 1979 article in BusinessWeek entitled “The Death of Equities.” It argued that equities had fallen into disfavour by 1979. Evidence included a 10-year rise in gold prices, individual investors leaving the stock market in.

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For once, he might be right. The fact that everybody hates stocks is indeed a healthy sign for stocks, reminiscent of the infamous BusinessWeek magazine cover in 1979 braying of "The Death Of Equities," not long before the start of a 16.

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In August 1979, Business Week’s front cover declared “The Death of Equities.” It was a bleak time in the nation’s economic history. Inflation, interest rates and energy prices were at an all-time high, and 7 million shareholders had.

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1. Investment returns will cool off The past 25 years: By the end of the 1970s, things were so bleak on Wall Street that a pessimistic Business Week cover proclaimed "The Death of Equities." That, of course, turned out to be one of the.

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The on-air talent at Fox Business Channel. and Fortune put Krispy Kreme on its cover in July 2003, right when the doughnut-maker hit its peak. BusinessWeek ran a cover story proclaiming the "Death of Equities" in 1979, which.

According to Wikipedia, the most famous contrary indicator is BusinessWeek’s 1979 cover "The death of Equities". It presaged the mother of all bull markets. As I writer I may celebrate, but as an investor I feel a little more conflicted. To.

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The classic example was a cover of Business Week, which didn’t have a bear on its cover, but was titled “The Death of Equities.” It was dated August 12, 1982, exactly the day the greatest bull market of the 20th century began. Other.

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This example of static analysis has a familiar ring. In August 1979, just before the start of the greatest bull market for stocks in history, BusinessWeek magazine declared "The Death of Equities" and blamed commodity price inflation.

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